17 novembre 2007

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European Journal of Neuroscience
Volume 26, Issue 10, November 2007

Review Article

Neuronal coding and spiking randomness
Lubomir Kostal, Petr Lansky, Jean-Pierre Rospars
Page 2693

Research Reports

Differential impact of brain damage on the access mode to memory
representations: an information theoretic approach
Rosapia Lauro-Grotto, Elisa Ciaramelli, Carolina Piccini, Alessandro
Page 2702

D4 receptor gene variation modulates activation of prefrontal cortex
during working memory
M.J. Herrmann, A. Walter, T. Schreppel, A.-C. Ehlis, P. Pauli, K.-P.
Lesch, A.J. Fallgatter
Page 2713

Developmental emergence of transient and persistent hippocampal events
and oscillations and their association with infant seizure
Ethan J. Mohns, Karl [AE]. Karlsson, Mark S. Blumberg
Page 2719

Temporal profile of circadian clock gene expression in a transplanted
suprachiasmatic nucleus and peripheral tissues
Mitsugu Sujino, Mamoru Nagano, Atsuko Fujioka, Yasufumi Shigeyoshi,
Shin-Ichi T. Inouye
Page 2731

Daily torpor affects the molecular machinery of the circadian clock in
Djungarian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)
Annika Herwig, Michel Saboureau, Paul Pevet, Stephan Steinlechner
Page 2739

Cortical responses to object size-dependent spectral interference
patterns in echolocating bats
Uwe Firzlaff, Gerd Schuller
Page 2747

Repeated exposure to cocaine differently modulates BDNF mRNA and protein
levels in rat striatum and prefrontal cortex
Fabio Fumagalli, Laura Di Pasquale, Lucia Caffino, Giorgio Racagni,
Marco Andrea Riva
Page 2756

Alpha-synuclein in the nucleus accumbens induces changes in cocaine
behaviour in rats
Frederic Boyer, Jean-Luc Dreyer
Page 2764

Adult neurogenesis in primate and rodent spinal cord: comparing a
cervical dorsal rhizotomy with a dorsal column transection
Mani Vessal, Ari Aycock, Margaret Tess Garton, Melanie Ciferri, Corinna
Page 2777

Blockade of caspase-1 increases neurogenesis in the aged hippocampus
Carmelina Gemma, Adam D. Bachstetter, Michael J. Cole, Matthew Fister,
Charles Hudson, Paula C. Bickford
Page 2795

Unpredictable feeding schedules unmask a system for daily resetting of
behavioural and metabolic food entrainment
Carolina Escobar, Ma Teresa Martinez-Merlos, Manuel Angeles-Castellanos,
Maria del Carmen Minana, Ruud M. Buijs
Page 2804

Effects of opioid receptor blockade on the renewal of alcohol seeking
induced by context: relationship to c-fos mRNA expression
Peter W. Marinelli, Douglas Funk, Walter Juzytsch, Zhaoxia Li, A. D. Le
Page 2815

Acetaldehyde mediates alcohol activation of the mesolimbic dopamine
M. Melis, P. Enrico, A. T. Peana, M. Diana
Page 2824

Respiratory and metabolic acidosis differentially affect the respiratory
neuronal network in the ventral medulla of neonatal rats
Yasumasa Okada, Haruko Masumiya, Yoshiyasu Tamura, Yoshitaka Oku
Page 2834

The slow afterhyperpolarization modulates high pH-induced changes in the
excitability of rat CA1 pyramidal neurons
Tony Kelly, Mandeep Mann, John Church
Page 2844

Diabetes insipidus and, partially, low anxiety-related behaviour are
linked to a SNP-associated vasopressin deficit in LAB mice
Melanie S. Ke[ss]ler, Chris Murgatroyd, Mirjam Bunck, Ludwig Czibere,
Elisabeth Frank, Wolfgang Jacob, Charlotte Horvath, Patrik Muigg,
Florian Holsboer, Nicolas Singewald, Dietmar Spengler, Rainer Landgraf
Page 2857

Developmental plasticity of the carotid chemoafferent pathway in rats
that are hypoxic during the prenatal period
J. Peyronnet, J. C. Roux, J. Mamet, D. Perrin, J. Lachuer, J. M.
Pequignot, Y. Dalmaz
Page 2865

Acute and long-term effects of MK-801 on direct cortical input evoked
homosynaptic and heterosynaptic plasticity in the CA1 region of the
female rat
Robert Wohrl, Sven Eisenach, Denise Manahan-Vaughan, Uwe Heinemann,
Dorothea von Haebler
Page 2873

Monocular deprivation enhances the nuclear signalling of extracellular
signal-regulated kinase in the developing visual cortex
Hironori Takamura, Satoshi Ichisaka, Chihiro Hayashi, Hirotoshi Maki,
Yoshio Hata
Page 2884

G[beta]5-RGS complexes co-localize with mGluR6 in retinal ON-bipolar
Catherine W. Morgans, Weiwei Liu, Theodore G. Wensel, R. Lane Brown,
Jorge A. Perez-Leon, Ben Bearnot, Robert M. Duvoisin
Page 2899

Characterization and synaptic connectivity of melanopsin-containing
ganglion cells in the primate retina
Patricia R. Jusuf, Sammy C. S. Lee, Jens Hannibal, Ulrike Grunert
Page 2906

Differential expression of PKC beta II in the rat organ of Corti
S. Ladrech, J. Wang, H. Boukhaddaoui, J. L. Puel, M. Eybalin, M. Lenoir
Page 2922

Restoration of impaired phosphorylation of cyclic AMP response
element-binding protein (CREB) by EGb 761 and its constituents in
A[beta]-expressing neuroblastoma cells
Yanan Xu, Changhai Cui, Cheuk Pang, Yves Christen, Yuan Luo
Page 2931

Differential contribution of GABAergic and glycinergic components to
inhibitory synaptic transmission in lamina II and laminae III-IV of the
young rat spinal cord
Perrine Inquimbert, Jean-Luc Rodeau, Remy Schlichter
Page 2940

Novel CaV2.1 clone replicates many properties of Purkinje cell CaV2.1
Kathryn S. Richards, Andrew M. Swensen, Diane Lipscombe, Kurt Bommert
Page 2950

Mapping of Cbln1-like immunoreactivity in adult and developing mouse
brain and its localization to the endolysosomal compartment of neurons
Peng Wei, Richard J. Smeyne, Dashi Bao, Jennifer Parris, James I. Morgan
Page 2962

Induction of autophagy in neurite degeneration of mouse superior
cervical ganglion neurons
Yi Yang, Koji Fukui, Tatsuro Koike, Xiaoxiang Zheng
Page 2979


Journal of Personality
Volume 75, Issue 6, December 2007

Special Issue: Contextualized Identities: Integrating Self-in-Context to
Traditional Issues in Personality Psychology Edited by Brent W. Roberts

Contextualizing Personality Psychology
Brent W. Roberts
Page 1071

Identity Theory and Personality Theory: Mutual Relevance
Sheldon Stryker
Page 1083

Using the PRISM to Compare the Explanatory Value of General and
Role-Contextualized Trait Ratings
Dustin Wood
Page 1103

TEMPEST in a Gallimaufry: Applying Multilevel Systems Theory to
Person-in-Context Research
Stephen C. Peck
Page 1127

A Connectionist Approach to the Organization and Continuity of Working
Models of Attachment
R. Chris Fraley
Page 1157

Compartmentalization and Integration: The Evaluative Organization of
Contextualized Selves
Carolin J. Showers, Virgil Zeigler-Hill
Page 1181

Why Identities Fluctuate: Variability in Traits as a Function of
Situational Variations in Autonomy Support
Jennifer G. La Guardia, Richard M. Ryan
Page 1205

Contextualized Personality: Traditional and New Assessment Procedures
Daniel Heller, David Watson, Jennifer Komar, Ji-A Min, Wei Qi Elaine
Page 1229

Contextualized Self-Representations in Adulthood
Manfred Diehl, Elizabeth L. Hay
Page 1255

Culture, Context, and Behavior
David Matsumoto
Page 1285

Downsides of an Overly Context-Sensitive Self: Implications From the
Culture and Subjective Well-Being Research
Eunkook M. Suh
Page 1321


Bipolar Disorders
Volume 9, Issue 7, November 2007

Point of View

Setting the stage: from prodrome to treatment resistance in bipolar
Michael Berk, Philippe Conus, Nellie Lucas, Karen Hallam, Gin S Malhi,
Seetal Dodd, Lakshmi N Yatham, Alison Yung, Pat McGorry
Page 671

Original Articles

Neural activation during encoding of emotional faces in pediatric
bipolar disorder
Daniel P Dickstein, Brendan A Rich, Roxann Roberson-Nay, Lisa Berghorst,
Deborah Vinton, Daniel S Pine, Ellen Leibenluft
Page 679

A magnetic resonance imaging study of mood stabilizer- and
neuroleptic-naive first-episode mania
Lakshmi N Yatham, In Kyoon Lyoo, Peter Liddle, Perry F Renshaw, Dante
Wan, Raymond W Lam, Jaeuk Hwang
Page 693

Early age at onset of bipolar disorder is associated with more severe
clinical features but delayed treatment seeking
Kirsi Suominen, Outi Mantere, Hanna Valtonen, Petri Arvilommi, Sami
Leppamaki, Tiina Paunio, Erkki Isometsa
Page 698

No evidence for physical anhedonia as a candidate symptom or an
endophenotype in bipolar affective disorder
Bruno Etain, Isabelle Roy, Chantal Henry, Angela Rousseva, Franck
Schurhoff, Marion Leboyer, Frank Bellivier
Page 706

Social phobia is associated with suicide attempt history in bipolar
Nader Perroud, Patrick Baud, Martin Preisig, Bruno Etain, Franck
Bellivier, Sophie Favre, Nadja Reber, Francois Ferrero, Marion Leboyer,
Alain Malafosse
Page 713

Bipolar obsessive-compulsive disorder and personality disorders
Giuseppe Maina, Umberto Albert, Enrico Pessina, Filippo Bogetto
Page 722

Adherence to lithium in naturalistic settings: results from a nationwide
pharmacoepidemiological study
Lars Vedel Kessing, Lars Sondergard, Kajsa Kvist, Per Kragh Andersen
Page 730

Relationships between insight and psychosocial adjustment in patients
with bipolar I disorder
Cheng-Fang Yen, Cheng-Sheng Chen, Shang-Ju Yang, Chih-Hung Ko, Ju-Yu
Yen, Chi-Feng Huang
Page 737

An imbalance in the production of IL-1[beta] and IL-6 by monocytes of
bipolar patients: restoration by lithium treatment
Esther M Knijff, M Nadine Breunis, Ralph W Kupka, Harm J de Wit, Cindy
Ruwhof, Grard W Akkerhuis, Willem A Nolen, Hemmo A Drexhage
Page 743

Brief Reports
Creatine monohydrate in resistant depression: a preliminary study
Suzana Roitman, Tamar Green, Yamima Osher, Nathan Karni, Joseph Levine
Page 754

Plasma free polyunsaturated fatty acid levels are associated with
symptom severity in acute mania
M Elizabeth Sublette, Francesca Bosetti, James C DeMar, Kaizong Ma, Jane
M Bell, Stephanie Fagin-Jones, Mark J Russ, Stanley I Rapoport
Page 759

Human MIP synthase splice variants in bipolar disorder
Alon Shamir, Galit Shaltiel, Shirly Mark, Yuly Bersudsky, Robert H
Belmaker, Galila Agam
Page 766

Effects of psychotropics on glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in a cohort
of bipolar patients
Ruby Castilla-Puentes
Page 772

Hypomanic trait is associated with a hypovigilant automatic attentional
response to social cues of danger
Peter Putman, Styrmir Saevarsson, Jack van Honk
Page 779

Measured and expected resting energy expenditure in patients with
bipolar disorder on maintenance treatment
Isabella Soreca, Mauro Mauri, Silvia Castrogiovanni, Marly Simoncini,
Giovanni B Cassano
Page 784

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Concurrent tracking of alcohol use and bipolar
disorder symptoms
Mark D Fossey, Michael H Allen, William R Yates
Page 789

Reply to Drs. Fossey, Allen and Yates regarding 'Concurrent tracking of
alcohol use and bipolar disorder symptoms'
David E Fleck, Stephan Arndt, Melissa P DelBello, Stephen M Strakowski
Page 790


Applied Psychology
Volume 56, Issue 4, November 2007

Special Issue: On the Romance of Leadership-In Memory of James R. Meindl

Introduction to the Special Issue on the Romance of Leadership-In Memory
of James R. Meindl
Birgit Schyns, Michelle C. Bligh
Page 501

Is Charisma Hyper-Romanticism? Empirical Evidence from New Data and a
Birgit Schyns, Jorg Felfe, Hartmut Blank
Page 505

When the Romance is Over: Follower Perspectives of Aversive Leadership
Michelle C. Bligh, Jeffrey C. Kohles, Craig L. Pearce, Joseph E. (Gene)
Justin, John F. Stovall
Page 528

How Leaders Woo Followers in the Romance of Leadership
Judy H. Gray, Iain L. Densten
Page 558

Where is the Romance for Women Leaders? The Effects of Gender on
Leadership Attributions and Performance-Based Pay
Clara Kulich, Michelle K. Ryan, S. Alexander Haslam
Page 582

Leaders' Romantic Conceptions of the Consequences of Leadership
Jan Schilling
Page 602

Daring to Dream: Promoting Social and Economic Justice at Work
Judith L. Komaki
Page 624

Comments on the Justice Model from a Leadership Perspective
Martin M. Chemers
Page 663

The Use of Task Forces as a Settlement Model
Cyrus Mehri
Page 667

Building Bridges with Social Scientists to Combat Employment
Theodore M. Shaw
Page 674

International Employment Discrimination and Implicit Social Cognition:
New Directions for Theory and Research
Georgia T. Chao, Harold W. Willaby
Page 678

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