16 aprile 2013


AMBIANCE Training Workshops
Trainers: Elisa Bronfman, Ph.D., Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Ph.D, & Sheri Madigan, Ph.D.
Training Dates: September 2-4th, 2013

Please contact sheri.madigan@sickkids.ca for further inquires and/or to express interest in attending the training workshop.

Objectives of the workshop: (1) To review the development and conceptual framework of the
AMBIANCE coding system; (2) To review and discuss a series of training tapes and learn the
methodology for coding the varied dimensions of disrupted parent-infant communication; (3)
To review the new rating scales for the subtypes of disrupted communication.

A maximum of 15-20 trainees can be accommodated.
Reduced rates are available for those who have attended a previous training.
Coding homework will be provided on the second afternoon of the three-day workshop.

Fee for attending workshop: $1800/person (in US dollars) for the 3-day workshop and all
associated consultation on coding and reliability computations. This includes 20 training
tapes on DVD’s as well as accompanying training transcripts, follow-up phone and/or email
consultation around coding issues and computation of reliabilities. One copy of the 20
reliability tapes on DVD will be provided to each person/lab.

Reduced Fee for laboratory group for processing reliability work: For labs who will be pursuing
full coding reliability as a group, the reduced fees are $1400 per person plus a $500 per
laboratory fee.

Fee for attending as an observer only, without proceeding to reliability training: $1400 if space

Brief Description of the AMBIANCE measure:
The AMBIANCE measure was developed in 1991 in Dr. Lyons-Ruth’s research laboratory
to assess caregiver behavior associated with disorganization of infant attachment strategies
and later child maladaptation. A recent meta-analysis by Madigan, Bakermans-Kranenburg
et al. (2006) demonstrated that the AMBIANCE coding system has good reliability, validity,
and stability over time.

Bibliography of AMBIANCE Studies on:
www. familypathwaysproject.org

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